HOA Painting for Townhome’s and Condo’s

HOA painting projects are no small feat, which is why choosing the correct contractor is key. HSC Commercial brings 23yrs of experience to the table we’ve done everything from residential, commercial, industrial warehouses, hotels and have worked with several HOA’s and property managers across the country. We currently have offices in Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida but can handle multi-unit projects nationwide.

Home Shield Coating® Uses

We know the stress that property owners and managers, undertake when taking the lead on painting projects, whether they’re interior, exterior or both, these projects can be quite complex, when considering property occupants and onsite employees. This is why HSC Commercial works closely with property owners, managers, occupants, and onsite employees to complete projects safely on schedule and on budget.

Long Lasting Durable Coating Saving Property Owners and HOA’s Money

Because of the complexities involved with doing Commercial Painting Projects for Townhome and Condo Associations (HOA’s). We offer a more permanent solution than traditional paints. Standard paints are designed to last an average of three to five years because let’s face it paint stores want to keep selling paint. Commercial Shield Coating® was designed for a different purpose and its a commercial coating. Mainly to be used where a long-lasting coating is needed in the commercial and industrial sectors. Commercial Shield Coating® will last 3 to 4 times longer than traditional paint saving property owners money on maintenance and costly structural repairs. We give our customers a 30yr Combined Warranty that includes a 5yr Money Back Warranty this type of warranty is unheard of in the Commercial and Industrial sectors.

HOA Approved Colors

Commercial Shield Coating® looks like traditional paint but feels much thicker and is available in any color all we need is the name and number of the HOA approved colors. The only way to tell a difference between Commercial Shield Coating® and traditional paint is to feel it.  Commercial Shield Coating® is 17 to 20 times thicker than regular paint so it feels thicker to the touch almost rubber like.

Building Engineers and Architects Love Commercial Shield Coating®

We have met with numerous building engineers and architects on projects across the country. More than 75% of them loved Commercial Shield Coating® and gave us the green light. The other 25% loved the product and the idea but felt the cost wasn’t in their clients’ budget at the time. But they did however hire us to do traditional painting on their projects. Several of them have even hired us to apply Home Shield Coating® to their private residences.

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