Does my home qualify for the Stucco Damage Class Action Lawsuit?

You’ve probably seen and heard the news stories about how construction defects have popped up throughout Florida. Commonly, those defects involve home builders improperly applying stucco. Large-scale stucco failures have been found in developments across Florida. Primarily affecting homes build between 2005 and 2008, but stucco failures have been reported well into 2022 these defects are not exactly isolated to certain builder and seem to be widespread.  Some properties are experiencing water intrusion problems that have resulted in crumbling exterior walls, mold issues.  Unfortunately, Florida’s Statute of Repose runs ten years from the time the owner takes possession of the property, or is issued a certificate of occupancy, whichever is later. In the case of a community association (condominiums), the statute of repose runs four years from the time a new board is elected.

What parts of Florida are affected by the Stucco Damage Class Action Lawsuit?

We have repaired homes with stucco cracks in Tampa, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orlando, The Villages, Melbourne, Winter Park, Windermere etc. It affects everywhere in Florida where certain builders mentioned in the lawsuit have built homes. 

What can I do?

 If your property is within 10yrs old, you can contact an attorney a simple google search will give you the contact info of attorneys handling these cases. The cost to re-stucco a house ranges between $50,000 to $100,000 usually pay out settlements aren’t enough to pay for these extensive repairs.  Several home builders have been identified as having built substandard dwellings. One of these is Toll Brothers, “America’s Luxury Home Builder.” Also recent judgments have been entered against KB Homes , D.R. Horton; and Pulte Homes. Unfortunately, from what we have seen out in the field the problem isn’t limited to the above-mentioned builders.

I’m past the 10yr statute of repose now what?

Get it fixed right away the longer you wait the more damage will occur and the greater the potential for water intrusion. You can pay out of pocket to get the stucco re-done this is probably the most expensive solution and we have seen brand new stucco walls form cracks within three weeks. We don’t think re-doing all the stucco is the best option for most people. In most cases replacing the worst sections of stucco then repairing and applying Home Shield Coating® to the house is the best solution. But we would have to come out and perform a property inspection Estimate. Unfortunately, some homes will be so far gone they will have to be completely redone New Stucco may be the only option.

I can’t afford to re-stucco my exterior now what?

We’ve had some good success with a four-part repair solution we have developed. Our solution is cheaper than having to re-stucco the entire house and we think works better since it addresses the biggest root of the problem water. Stucco isn’t waterproof. Rainwater can penetrate through stucco and cause moisture problems within wall assemblies and within the building, particularly at the base of walls. This water penetration can be reduced by proper water management. If you look at a nationwide rain fall chart you will quickly realize that Florida is usually toward the top of the chart when it comes to rain fall. Yet Florida is one of the few states where rain gutters aren’t included in the purchase price of a house. Therefore, most homes in Florida don’t have gutters.

Are gutters necessary on a home?

Yes. We noticed from observations made out in the field that homes with partial and no gutters had more damage (cracks) and even water intrusion on the walls that didn’t have gutters. We also noticed this to be true while providing estimates for homes in the same neighborhood same builder same age home the only difference is one had gutters and the other didn’t.

What is your four-part repair?

First, we install new 6” or 7” inch gutters all the way around the house and insure all the rainwater is going into the gutter and not down the stucco wall making matters worse. We then ensure the downspouts are positioned in a way to push water away from the foundation. Then we repair all cracks using a proprietary method which we have field tested for the last 23yrs. We then apply Home Shield Coating® waterproof Bonding Agent Primer. After 24hrs we apply Home Shield Coating® Topcoat in whatever color you choose. Home Shield Coating® forms a permanent flexible PAINT SHIELD bond with the stucco and is 12 to 15 times thicker than paint. It usually takes five to seven days to properly repair and coat a property.

What does your four-part repair cost?

We don’t know it varies from project to project but its more affordable than re-doing all the stucco on a home. We also provide a 30yr Combined Warranty. Click here to request an Estimate.

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