Home Shield Coating® is committed to providing our customers with exceptional EXTERIOR REMODELING products.

In order to provide our customers with fair and accurate estimates on Home Shield Coating®, Commercial Shield Coating®, Concrete Shield Coating®Fast Flow Gutters®, HSC Windows and Siding. We need to come out and perform a property inspection to ensure that our products and company are the proper fit and the correct solution for your exterior remodeling needs. We simply cannot provide estimates over the phone.


Our property inspection requires an hour or so of your time. We do not perform property inspections (estimates) without the property owners being PRESENT and AVAILABLE. We ask you to walk around the property with us so you can show us areas of concern and so we can point out any issues and ask you project related questions. After the property inspection our rep will show you product samples and calculate pricing. We will then discuss scheduling, payment, and financing options with you.

To continue providing customers with FREE PROPERTY INSPECTIONS (ESTIMATES) and FAIR PRICES and to help lower our cost of doing business. We have made three changes to our estimating and sales process which lowers our overhead and makes the whole process simpler for everyone involved. First, we only make ONE ON SITE VISIT during the sales process. This simply time management policy saves hours of weekly travel time. Reduces vehicle wear and tear and saves thousands of dollars on fuel cost monthly and allows us to see more customers. This is why we are able to pass a long a time management discount to customers that buy on the initial visit. Second, our 30-DAY FAIR PRICE is good within 30 DAYS. Third, any DISCOUNT or COUPON will be applied AT TIME OF ESTIMATE ONLY! 

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