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Transform Your Exterior with Home Shield Coating® of Florida.

In Central Florida, exterior paints typically only last 3 to 5 years. This short lifespan is why most painting contractors in Florida offer a 1 to 2-year labor warranty. The reality is, both paint manufacturers and painting contractors depend on these short paint cycles for their repeat business. The painting industry is a 93 billion dollar a year industry a good portion of that is from repeat business. However, in Orlando, FL with the rising costs of paint and labor, repainting your property’s exterior every few years is no longer a practical or affordable solution.

Why settle for a conventional, costly paint job in Orlando that just doesn’t last? Explore Home Shield Coating® – a premier, cost-effective, long-lasting permanent exterior wall coating system for your Florida home.

Home Shield Coating® is Central Florida’s Premier Permanent Coating Company. 

Home Shield Coating® is recognized as a high-quality, commercial-grade permanent exterior wall coating system, perfect for Florida’s diverse climate from Hurricanes to Torrential Downpours. Our eleven step application process comprises two essential steps: Part A, our bonding agent primer (Pink Primer), and Part B, our robust High Performance Topcoat, available in any color you choose.

Why Choose Home Shield Coating® in Orlando, FL?

  • Home Shield Coating® offers 17 times more protection and waterproofing than standard paint, and it lasts 6 times longer.
  • It ensures durable protection and peace of mind with a permanent coating for your Orlando property.
  • It provides an outstanding return on investment, especially if you plan on staying in your home for over three years, making Home Shield Coating® a smart money saving choice for your Florida home.

A Lasting Solution for Your Florida Property Embrace the enduring durability of Home Shield Coating®. Enjoy a beautiful, maintenance-free finish that stands up to Florida’s weather challenges. Our coating is not only tough but also flexible and breathable, offering comprehensive protection for your home. Plus, with our 30-Year Transferable Warranty, you’re making a smart, long-term investment. Are you ready for a transformation? Schedule your free estimate today in Florida and step into a future without the hassles of frequent repainting.

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Home Shield Coating. Stop Painting Start Saving!

Why Choose Home Shield Coating®?

✅ Topcoat Available in Any Color!

✅ Mold and Mildew Resistant.

✅ Stay Clean Technology.

✅ 30 Year Transferrable Warranty!

✅ Ideal for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial!

✅ Ceramic Infused!

✅ Color Stable Technology!

✅ Affordable Pricing Starting at $7,500!

✅ Surface Penetrating Bonding Agent! (Pink Primer)

✅ Three Coat System.

✅ Protects Walls 17x Times Better Than Paint!

✅ Last 6 x Longer than Paint!

✅ Proprietary Coating Not Sold in Stores!

✅ Breathable, Flexible & Durable.

✅ Home Shield Coating® Saves YOU MONEY BY Eliminating Painting!

Home Shield Coating® is ideal for Stucco, Hardie Board, Cedar Siding, Aluminum Siding, Dryvit and Brick.

Home Shield Coating® is a commercial grade permanent exterior wall coating system. Pictured here is the bonding agent (Pink Primer) and Top Coat.

Home Shield Coating® Has Over 25 Year's Experience in the Home Improvement, Permanent Coatings Industry!

Home Shield Coating® Before & After

Central Florida's Premier Permanent Wall, Floor, and Roof Coating Company

Home Shield Coating® of Florida is Central Florida’s premier permanent coating company. We are dedicated to ensuring your residential, industrial, and commercial exterior walls, concrete floors, and roofs are protected by using our maintenance-free coatings. While maintaining an appealing exterior requires a significant amount of care and work, it doesn’t mean you have to shoulder the burden yourself. In fact, hiring our professional team at Home Shield Coating® can offer lasting results that save you money.

Home Shield Coating® of Florida offers the highest quality and most durable commercial-grade permanent coatings: • Home Shield Coating® • Commercial Shield Coating® • Concrete Shield Coating® • Roof Shield Coating®

Permanent Exterior Paint for Florida

Home Shield Coating® is a durable, commercial-grade permanent exterior wall coating designed to be a money-saving paint alternative. Home Shield Coating® will spare you the expense of having to repaint every few years. Our confidence in our products and expertise is so profound that we provide a 30-Year Combined Warranty, inclusive of an industry-exclusive 10-year Labor Guarantee.

Home Shield Coating® of FL specializes in the application of permanent wall coatings to Stucco, Hardie Board, Cedar Siding and Aluminum Siding.

LP Smart Side and Hardie Board materials, while engineered for durability, can benefit from the extra protection against the elements a permanent coating can provide. Since the factory finish usually last 5 to 7 years. Home Shield Coating® assists in retaining their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity, preventing excessive fading and damage caused by Orlando’s harsh weather conditions.

Best Exterior Paint for Stucco

Stucco is the preferred exterior wall finish in Florida. Traditional exterior paints do not hold up well to Florida’s harsh weather conditions. When you require a reliable, durable waterproof coating for your exterior walls, rest assured Home Shield Coating® has you covered. Our commercial-grade permanent wall coating is applied over a surface-penetrating bonding agent (Pink Primer) that significantly enhances our coating’s longevity on exterior walls. Home Shield Coating® has been known to last decades. Imagine how much money you will save by not having to paint your Florida home every 3 to 5 years.

Home Shield Coating® is ideal for the following substrates:

Stucco • Cedar Siding • Aluminum Siding • Brick • Dryvit • LP Smart Side



Best Exterior Paint for Hotels in Florida

Commercial Shield Coating® by Home Shield is ideal for coating the exteriors of hotels, warehouses, industrial parks, and more. Property managers and real estate investors are always looking for ways to save money and increase profits. We can help by eliminating the need for repeated exterior painting. Our coating has been successfully used on multi-story buildings, factories, naval bases, power plants, and various other industrial and commercial exteriors. Commercial Shield Coating® is a durable, long-lasting, commercial-grade exterior coating designed to be a money-saving alternative to painting. Our confidence in our products and expertise is so profound that we uniquely provide a 30-year Combined Warranty, inclusive of a 5-year Labor Guarantee for commercial projects.

Our robust Concrete Shield Coating® Hybrid Epoxy Primer Coat forms the strong base needed for a lasting epoxy floor. After applying the primer, we broadcast vinyl flakes, offering a variety of colors to personalize your garage floor.

Epoxy Floor Coatings in Florida

Concrete Shield Coating® by Home Shield is Central Florida’s most durable commercial-grade permanent concrete floor coating. We use a Hybrid Epoxy Base Coat because it forms the strongest bond with concrete, making it the best choice for base coats. Our hybrid base coat creates a moisture-resistant barrier on the concrete floor. After applying the hybrid epoxy base coat and allowing it to cure, we use vinyl flakes to give the floor color. We finish off the floor with a polyaspartic topcoat, creating unmatched durability. Concrete Shield Coating® comes with a 30-year Combined Warranty, inclusive of a 10-year Labor Guarantee. Concrete Shield Coating® is available in epoxy, polyurea, or polyaspartic formulas. The appropriate formula will be recommended after an initial inspection.

Roof Shield Coating being sprayed on a metal roof.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings in Florida

Roof Shield Coating® by Home Shield is more than just another roof coating on the market. It is a high-tech, high-build, ceramic-infused, 100% acrylic, elastomeric roof coating designed to offer unmatched protection for your roof. Employing cutting-edge technology, this coating includes ceramic microspheres—tiny ceramic balls—that significantly enhance its effectiveness. When it comes to weather resistanceRoof Shield Coating® does not disappoint. It is more than just a UV barrier; it is also waterproof. This top-notch elastomeric coating lays down a solid, resilient layer that covers hairline cracks in the roof, averting leaks before they even occur. It is also engineered to fend off natural foes such as mildew, fungus, and algae, ensuring your roof stays pristine and looking new.

Do Florida Homes Need Gutters?

Yes, many of the issues we see with exterior walls are caused by either missing or defective gutters. When you have a new home built in Florida, gutters aren’t included, leading some homeowners to believe they’re not necessary. However, this is a misconception; not only are gutters necessary, but their absence can create extensive damage to Florida’s stucco homes. If your home doesn’t have gutters, be sure to investigate our Fast FlowGutters® by Home Shield.

Home Shield Coating® of FL

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Home Shield Coating®: Your Trusted Exterior Painting Contractor in Central Florida

Home Shield Coating® is the Premier Permanent Wall, Floor and Roof Coating Company in Central Florida. 

Home Shield Coating® is a money-saving, long-lasting, tough, durable coating. Initially designed for commercial applications, it has been heralded as the best exterior house paint. Home Shield Coating® is more than just a painting contractor; we are the premier local house painters near you. Home Shield Coating® is more than just exterior house paint it’s a highly specialized commercial grade permanent exterior wall coating..

Home Shield Coating® is Applied by Certified Exterior Painters

We have properly trained our crews on the application of permanent coatings. Home Shield Coating® isn’t sold in stores, as it requires commercial grade airless sprayers for application. If you’re looking for the best exterior house painters, look no further you’ll be pleased to know that our home painting contractors are trained and certified exterior painters, this ensures you’ll get a high-quality professional application.

Never Paint Your Exterior Again! 

Paint Manufacturers want you to keep buying paint every 3 to 6 years. We use commercial grade permanent coatings with industrial grade super primers bonding agents to ensure long lasting durable bonds that will last decades. Our coating products are so durable they were primarily designed to be used on commercial and industrial buildings. Standard residential usage is complete over kill but will ensure your exterior will stand the test of time.

 Permanent Exterior Wall Coating with a 30-Year Guarantee

Home Shield Coating® stands out as the only actual three-coat permanent exterior wall coating system. We're not just another painting service contractor, we offer the most comprehensive warranty in the industry—a 30-year combined warranty which includes an industry-exclusive 10-year labor guarantee.

Long-Lasting Permanent Coating Saves Homeowners and Property Managers Money 

Focusing on the best exterior paint for dryvit, best paint for hardie board, and best paint for stucco, we offer a more permanent solution than traditional paints. If you’re a Homeowners Association looking for exterior house painting contractors near you we have you covered here in Central Florida.

We Can Make All Homeowner Association Approved Colors thru Out Florida

Home Shield Coating® feels 17 to 20 times thicker than regular paint. It's almost like elastomeric paint for stucco, and it can conceal stucco cracks effectively.

Hotel Painting Contractors in Florida

Whether it's exterior painting contractor services for motels, hotels, or Airbnb properties, first impressions are crucial. Our exterior and interior painting services can make your property look better than ever.

Commercial and Industrial Exterior Wall Coating in Florida

Designed for both commercial and industrial applications, Commercial Shield Coating® has been applied to various types of buildings for over 25 years. It's the best exterior paint known to last over 25 years, on exterior walls and helps prevent costly structural repairs.

 Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings in Florida 

We offer Concrete Shield Coating® in Epoxy, Polyurea, and Polyaspartic formulations. Unlike those one-size-fits-all epoxy floor contractors, we tailor the correct product to fit your needs.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings in Florida

For those looking for a unique aesthetic, our metallic epoxy floor coatings offer a truly individual finish, ideal for homes and businesses alike.

Roof Shield Coating® Elastomeric Waterproof Roof Coating in Florida

When it comes to weather resistant elastomeric roof coatings, Roof Shield Coating® has you covered. Roof Shield Coating® handles everything from UV rays to helping prevent the growth of  mildew, fungus, and algae.

Fast Flow Gutters®: Florida Replacement Gutter Experts  

Don’t underestimate the importance of effective gutters. They can be the root cause of issues like stucco cracks water intrusion. Gutters should be the first thing you check before considering a very expensive waterproofing project.

Home Shield Coating® is Orlando, FL Premier Permanent Coating Company!


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