Warehouse Exterior Painting and Maintenance

A warehouse is usually the lifeblood of a business. It’s where inventory is stored and where orders get fulfilled. It’s also where you hang your companies name on the side of the building. It’s where customers sometimes take tours and where employees work. Your warehouse represents your company’s image and brand to the world. At HSC Commercial we specialize in making sure your company’s image and brand exudes success. We want to ensure that everyone that approaches your warehouse is immediately impressed with your brand.



Commercial Shield Coating® is a Commercial and Industrial Exterior Wall Coating.

Commercial Shield Coating® is designed for Commercial and industrial applications. We have been successfully applying Commercial Shield Coating® to hotels, office complexes, condos, townhomes, and warehouse for over 23yrs. We use an 11-step application process to ensure we have a clean contaminant free surface. After the walls have been properly cleaned, we apply a Bonding Agent (Primer) to the entire coverage area. Our Bonding Agent (Primer) is designed to penetrate substrates it dries to a transparent reddish pink tacky film. We wait 24hrs before applying two coats of our topcoat over the bonding agent. Our coating system is 17 to 20 times thicker than paint; it feels like a Rubbery Paint Shield to the touch when it dries. Commercial Shield Coating® will last 3 to 4 times longer than traditional paint saving property owners money on maintenance and costly exterior structural repairs. We give customers a 30yr Combined Warranty that includes a 5yr Money Back Guarantee this type of warranty is unheard of in the Commercial and Industrial sectors.

Warehouse Interior Painting and Maintenance

We use Commercial Shield Coating® interior ceramic paint to protect interior walls with a durable wear resistant finish. But unlike our exterior coating our interior version goes on with one coat without a primer bonding agent. Commercial Shield Coating® interior is ideal for break rooms, cafeterias, conference rooms, offices, bathrooms and anywhere a durable wear resistant interior paint finish is needed. Allow us to bid on your commercial project contact us today!

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