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Why Just Paint Again?

Today’s paint products are designed to last 3 to 5 years on average. Home Shield Coating® is a ceramic infused commercial grade permanent coating system that is intended to be a money-saving alternative to traditional house painting or staining. Home Shield Coating® is ideal for Cedar Siding, Hardie Board, Aluminum Siding, Brick & Stucco and is available in any color.

Home Shield Coating®

Concrete Shield Coating® for Residential & Commercial Concrete Floors.

We have the correct floor coating available to protect your garage, house, retail space, commercial building, or warehouse.

Commercial Shield Coating® for Commercial, Industrial Exterior Walls.

Commercial Shield Coating® is used to coat and protect the exteriors of Hotels, Motels, Commercial Buildings, Factories and Warehouse.

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The founders of Home Shield Coating® have over 40 years experience in the home improvement industry and are dedicated to bringing excellence in product performance and esthetics to your home.

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We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and our work crew’s pay is 100% dependent on it.

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House Painting and Floor Coating for Commercial & Residential

Quality house painting can make or break a building’s aesthetics. But it’s about so much more than your home’s looks. Paint can help increase property value and protect your property against the elements. But not all paint is created equal, and neither are commercial and residential house painting companies.

Home Shield Coating® has become a trusted name among homeowners and business owners all over Wisconsin, Illinois, and Florida. We're known for our long-lasting quality house paintings and for caring about our customer's needs.
Our coating creates a shield over your house that improves your home's endurance so that it looks great no matter what the weather throws its way.

At Home Shield Coating®, we also offer residential and commercial floor coating epoxy, metallic floor coating services. Our high-quality Concrete Shield Coating® products can replicate the same benefits we bring to your property's exterior on your floors. If you're in Orlando, Milwaukee or Chicago and need house painting or floor coating services, we'd love to talk to you about your options!

About Home Shield Coating®

Since 1999, we’ve proudly provided people in our community with quality permanent wall and floor coatings. We're passionate about helping homes and businesses equally and have adapted our techniques to fit the needs of any building.

Home Shield Coating® has a consistently solid reputation with our clients. We're a rare combination of skilled and caring that ensures each of our clients gets the attention they deserve.

We use only the best products available, and many of our products are proprietary and can't be purchased anywhere else — that's how exclusive they are to our services.

To prove we're a customer-oriented business, we offer incredible service warranties, including a five-year money-back guarantee. This guarantee shows that we're not only confident in our abilities, but also flexible and understanding, as we want only the best for our clients.

We invite you to contact our team to learn more about Home Shield Coating®, Concrete Shield Coating® and Commercial Shield Coating® and how they could benefit your home or business. We guarantee that we can get your property's exterior or your concrete floors protected and looking its best!

Residential House Painting

Painting your home's exterior is a big job, and not just in scope. It's vital to execute it well, so your home looks refreshed.

When you need a residential house painting company with experience, you can turn to Home Shield Coating®. Our expert crews have been painting homes and commercial properties for years; we have the background to bring out the vibrance of any exterior!

Why Paint Your Home?

Are you on the fence about giving your home a new coat of paint? Consider your home's overall curb appeal. Painting your home is one of the most impactful things you can do for your home's look.

While it's a more involved process than pulling weeds or mowing your lawn, the outcome can be breathtaking and give you a new perspective on your property.

Painting your home also immediately increases its value. Homes are significant investments that require consistent care and curation to keep their value competitive. A new coat of paint can instantly add to its resale value, especially when it's done by professionals, like the team at Home Shield Coating®.

A professional house painting can also protect your home from inevitable wear and tear from weather, wind, and insects.
What many see as a boost in looks is also fortifying your home's exterior, shielding it from further damage. And the process of painting your home can reveal other issues you may have with your home’s exterior that you can address to improve your home’s protection and resale value.

Painting your home can seem like a daunting task. But with the pros at Home Shield Coating®, it doesn't have to be anything more than a beautifying, hands-off home improvement you'll love.

Our Home Shield Coating® for residential properties has a 30-year warranty along with our five-year money-back guarantee. This added protection helps your paint last longer, so you'll need fewer paint jobs in the future.

Commercial Painting

A fresh coat of Commercial Shield Coating® on a commercial building is much more than a change in look. It's a dynamic shift in perspective for your customers and can change how the community looks at your brand. It's also an excellent investment that can generate intrigue and help your building look more welcoming, improving your profits.

Commercial Shield Coating®’s painters have the right tools and products to transform your business into the place where everyone wants to spend their money.

The Benefits of Commercial Painting

Business owners know better than anyone how crucial first impressions are. And before a prospective customer enters your building, they'll see it from the outside and make a judgment call. Are you concerned that your building's current look doesn't reflect your business? Or does it look significantly better inside than it does on the outside?

These are both great reasons to get commercial painting services from a professional. Whether your building needs it for aesthetic purposes or a change in brand visibility, fresh paint has the power to compel people to do business with you.

Much of the business world is entrenched in competition — your goal is to always be at the top of your game. And painting your building's exterior can help you achieve this.

If you want to keep up with the competition, making consistent improvements shows your customers that you care about your company, often giving you a leg up against other businesses. It's a competitive edge that pays dividends in so many other ways.

New paint can also help your building’s exterior last longer. The fresh coat can seal the building, keeping it from looking run-down. And Commercial Shield Coating®’s quality products can protect your building from water damage.

You can maintain your building's structural integrity and make it look great by getting a professional commercial painting from Commercial Shield Coating®. Our commercial shield coatings are also backed with a five-year money-back guarantee and a 30-year warranty.

Floor Coating

Concrete floors require maintenance care, whether at your home's garage or your company's warehouse. Our Concrete Shield Coating® is exactly the floor coating you need to increase the longevity of your floor and reduce overall wear and tear.

Concrete Shield Coating® floor coating is available in Epoxy, Polyaspartic and Polyurea formulations and comes with the same five-year money-back guarantee and 30-year warranty as our other products, so you can trust that your floor and investment will always stay protected.

A concrete floor is perfect for parts of a building that will need to withstand heavier use. But that doesn't mean they're indestructible. Scratches, stains, and other damage to the floor can make it look unappealing and dilapidated.

Concrete Shield Coating® is straightforward to install and provides a simple improvement to your floor that still has a significant impact. It can help brighten a floor and keep it from looking aged.

Between the aesthetic benefits and the protection against damage, Concrete Shield Coating® is a fantastic investment that's even more of an asset when done by the professionals at Home Shield Coating®!

Replacement Gutters and Gutter Covers

Gutters are another essential way to protect your property's exterior that’s why we created Fast Flow Gutters®. They divert water away from exterior walls and foundations, keeping potential water damage from wreaking havoc on your home or business.

Also, broken gutters can cause organic matter to build up, creating the perfect breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and even pests that can damage your home further.

Because we're dedicated to helping clients protect their buildings, we know that shields can't always hold against a consistent onslaught of rain without proper gutters. If you need new gutters or gutter covers installed, you can rely on Home Shield Coating® to give you the correct size gutters and downspouts for your property.

Home Shield Coating — The Commercial and Residential House Painting and Coating Company You Can Trust

Protecting your home or business can be both functional and beautiful. If you're in Florida, Wisconsin, or Illinois, we'd be happy to show you what a difference our home shields can make for the look and performance of your building's exterior, concrete floors, or gutters.

Contact our team today to learn more about our services and get started with your free estimate today.

Home Shield Coating®

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