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Homeowners Associations (HOA’s) Exterior Painting Solutions

If you purchased a property that has an HOA congrats, get familiar with the rules and regulations of the HOA. No two HOAs are the same. The first step to achieving and maintaining HOA compliance is thoroughly understanding their specific rules, which will be laid out in its Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. You…

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Florida Builders Stucco Crack Class Action Lawsuit

Does my home qualify for the Stucco Damage Class Action Lawsuit? You’ve probably seen and heard the news stories about how construction defects have popped up throughout Florida. Commonly, those defects involve home builders improperly applying stucco. Large-scale stucco failures have been found in developments across Florida. Primarily affecting homes build between 2005 and 2008,…

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Why Does Paint Keep Peeling Off My Cedar Siding?

Why Paint Again? Why does my cedar siding keep peeling every three to five years? This has got to be one of the top five questions that customers ask us when they call our office. The short answer is because you keep painting it. Why repaint it if you know it’s going to peel? The…

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Six Inch Copper Gutters

What is the Correct Size Gutter for my House?

Six Inch Copper Gutters. Should I have 5” or 6” Gutters Installed? It depends on the size of your roof. There are calculations that can be used to determine the proper size gutter for a house. We prefer to keep this explanation simple. If you have a small two-bedroom ranch 5″ gutters are sufficient. For…

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