Exterior and Interior Painting for Motels, Hotels, Condo Hotels (Condotel), Vacation Resorts and Airbnb properties.

In the hospitality industry guest will judge their stay by the appearance of your property. Right from the initial drive up the first thing they see is the exterior of the property. Their first impression is made even before they walk into the lobby of your property. Whether your property is a hotel that caters to business travelers, a motel, or a high-end vacation destination, guests have certain expectations. Commercial Shield Coating® can help make your property look better than it does in the brochures and online pictures. All while saving you money on future maintenance by using our proprietary long lasting commercial exterior wall coating. Commercial Shield Coating® is guaranteed to last three to four times longer than conventional paints. Our coating is applied over a surface penetrating bonding agent (primer). Our bonding agent (primer) remains tacky to the touch even after it dries forming essentially a waterproofing Paint Shield that will make your exterior walls waterproof. Over the bonding agent we apply two coats of our Commercial Shield Coating® topcoat providing you with a long-lasting commercial finish on your exterior that is 17 to 20 times thicker than conventional paints. We give customers a 30yr Combined Warranty that includes a 5yr Money Back Guarantee this type of warranty is unheard of in the Commercial and Industrial sectors. Commercial Shield Coating® is a proprietary product that isn’t sold in stores.

Commercial Shield Coating® Interior Paint for Hotels.

We have the correct products and skilled labor force to Coat Exterior Walls, Floors, Roofs, and can even help with interior painting projects.  We can make any area that shows wear and neglect look amazing again. Don’t let postponed maintenance attract negative attention and bad reviews from guest. No property manager wants to read a review that starts with “needs updating.” Commercial Shield Coating® interior paint has a durable wear resistant finish. But unlike our exterior coating our interior ceramic paint goes on with one coat without a primer bonding agent. Commercial Shield Coating® (interior) is a durable scrubbable ceramic paint that resist staining its ideal for lobbies, restaurants, conference rooms, offices, bathrooms, guest rooms and anywhere a durable wear resistant interior paint finish is needed. Let us update your property and keep it looking good while saving you money on maintenance for years to come.

Hotel Maintenance on Your Business Schedule.

We can work around the seasonality of your hotel or motel and the high and low peaks of your business.  We work around the schedule of your business guest and employees. We currently have offices in Florida, Illinois, and Wisconsin but we can service Hotel and Motel chains Nationwide. 

We offer Commercial painting services that cover everything from interior and exterior walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, guest rooms, ballrooms, meeting rooms, hotel restaurants and gift shops, gyms, and pool areas etc.

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