Latex Paint Peeling off Cedar Siding.

Why Paint Again?

Why does my cedar siding keep peeling every three to five years? This has got to be one of the top five questions that customers ask us when they call our office. The short answer is because you keep painting it. Why repaint it if you know it’s going to peel? The fact is the more layers of latex paint you put on Cedar Siding the sooner it will peel off.

How Often Should I Stain?

Cedar Siding should be stained not painted every five years to help keep the siding looking good and to prevent boards from warping and splitting. Depending on the size of the house this can be an expensive proposition long term. Unfortunately, there is some maintenance associated with keeping up a Cedar Sided house.

What’s the difference between stain and paint?

A stain is transparent and penetrates the cedar siding there is no good reason to use an oil-based stain it doesn’t last any longer. A stain will usually become blotchy with time and peel at a minimum. A “solid stain” or latex paint lays on the surface of the Cedar Siding and will start to peel in layers in about 3 to 5 years and will look like the picture above.

What are my options?

Do nothing some people do nothing and the Cedar Siding naturally turns black with mold. You can also continue Staining not Painting your exterior every five years and make this expense part of your household budget.

Is There A More Permanent Solution?

Yes, there is you can replace all the Cedar Siding and put up a product like Hardie Board® or Lp Smart Side® both of these products are designed to look like Cedar Siding this is also the most expensive solution. We sell both Hardie Board® and LP Smart Side®, and we would be more than happy to provide you with a quote for either of these products. You can also keep what you have and use a permanent coating system. Home Shield Coating®, for example, was initially designed for commercial application and comes with a 30yr Combined Warranty which includes a 5yr Money Back Guarantee.

There are also other permanent coating companies on the market like Tex-Coat and Rhino Shield but neither one of these options come with any type of money back guarantee.